Sunday, December 20, 2009

Now, This is Cool

I have a lot of fun shooting portraits of kids. Snapping shots that makes parents kind of cry a little, I love that.

My portrait sessions really picked up this holiday season. That word-of-mouth thing can be awesome. During the last week, my mailbox was overflowing with holiday cards, almost all of them from parents who used my photos on their cards this year.

It's an amazing feeling to be a part of people's lives, their holidays, in some way. Hopefully, they have a memory to last a lifetime.

It's pretty slick seeing all the ways my clients use their photos. Some do traditional cards, featuring one image or a collage of many images. Some get prints and insert them into their cards. Some print cards that are more like postcards. Some of these pieces are fairly elaborate.

No matter what format people use, I'm endlessly appreciative that they like my work enough to use my photos in their holiday mailings.

Happy holidays, by the way. I hope yours is picture perfect.