Sunday, December 27, 2009

Today's Newsings

See? They're like musings, but about things in the news. Yeah, still working on a name for these.

Nigerian held in act of terror on airliner. He promises that if officials assist in transfer of $47 million to U.S. account, they keep 70%.

Nations mark 2004 tsunami tragedy. Survivors urge legislators to ban insensitive use of the "wave" at sporting events.

Charlie Sheen charged with assault. As well as for having all the acting range of an end table.

Medicaid system leaks millions. Tee-hee, they said "leaks."

Schools' wage war on chocolate milk. So much more productive than wasting time on things like "educating."

Small plane lands on golf course. Confirmed: There are actual stories involving the word "golf" that don't include the word "Tiger."

Pilgrims killed in Baghdad bombing. You'd have thought those giant belt buckles would have provided some degree of protection.

Six million dollar payday for mortgage execs. In us terms, that's 500,000 tubes of Preparation H.

Nicholas Cage faces $36.7 million lawsuit. Moviegoing public apparently finally fed up with horrific toupees.

Pennsylvania pastor shoots son during fight. Apparently thought he could make him more holy.

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